Global Climate Change



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If you have not done so, please read the Healing Earth Introduction before proceeding through this chapter. The Introduction gives you background terms and explanations necessary for understanding the chapter.

Earth’s climate has always undergone change. However, modern climate change does not fit the long pattern of geologic history. In the past half century, the rate and extent of climate change has been extraordinary. This change is altering the planet by destroying healthy ecological balances that have been operating for millions of years.

The effects of climate change.1

The authors of Healing Earth are dedicated to the task of slowing and stopping this destruction. We imagine an Earth restored for future generations. As we have done throughout Healing Earth, we invite you to imagine this with us and join this work.

In this chapter we follow the path now familiar to you. We begin with science. Then, before using this knowledge as a resource for action, we must grasp our ethical responsibilities and strengthen our spiritual resolve.